[Mesa-dev] gpumon: a small gui that monitors load of r600 command buffers

Carl-Philip Haensch Carl-Philip.Haensch at mailbox.tu-dresden.de
Sat May 28 05:54:32 PDT 2011

Hello Guys,

I wrote a small GUI to monitor that tracks some data that could be  
used to detect bottlenecks in the mesa drivers.

Here's a screenshot: http://wwwpub.zih.tu-dresden.de/~s3734770/gpumon.png

The project is hoster here: https://bitbucket.org/carli/gpumon
svenstaro recommended me to make this small (120 lines) program  
public. (i dont know why)

The gpumon needs a kernel patch written by glisse. The patch is in the  
repos, too. Currently gpumon only works with r600, but if more devs  
implement ib-dw counting in the kernel and add a debugfs-file parser,  
the functionality could be extended. In the moment the format of the  
debufgs ring info and it's location in the file system is hard coded,  
but this could be changed if some people show their interest to make  
this small prog mainline.

I also think the kernel patch should be changed before asking to apply  
it to the kernel: there's should be a unified file in the debugfs that  
monitors the load of the buffers.

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