[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 7/7] g3dvl: Rewrite the mpeg 1&2 bitstream parser

Andy Furniss andyqos at ukfsn.org
Thu Sep 1 11:54:16 PDT 2011

Christian König wrote:

> Looks like there is some garbage at the end of the stream, mplayer is
> also complaining nicely about "TS_PARSE: COULDN'T SYNC".

I played around a bit more, it seems that rather than garbage it's 
because the TS stream just ends.

I now have a bit of a SD TV stream that I edited out of a longer stream 
with dd bs=188 that crashes (I once got a GPU reset with it as well).

TS_PARSE: COULDN'T SYNC is also displayed for other decoders including 
xvmc that just quit normally at the end.

> I can't reproduce the crash, maybe my version of mplayer isn't feeding
> the garbage to the decoder any more. Anyway attached is a patch that
> adds some extra checks to the macroblock decoding, please give it a try.

I am using svn from last week, I've found I can avoid the crash with 
-nosound, which is a bit strange.

This short stream segfaults every time for me with sound.


The patch does avoid the segfault, but it still hangs on the last frame 
until I <CTRL><C> mplayer.

Will do more testing tomorrow, AFK tonight.

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