[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 7/7] g3dvl: Rewrite the mpeg 1&2 bitstream parser

Andy Furniss andyqos at ukfsn.org
Fri Sep 2 04:51:44 PDT 2011

Christian König wrote:

> MPlayer 1.0rc4-4.5.2 works flawless with the snooker-short.ts video. So
> it is definitely some difference between this version and svn version.

I agree - 1.0rc4 (4.2.3) also works for me.

> The difference between sound/-nosound is probably just some different
> memory allocation not directly related to the video playback.

One thing I noticed between 1.0rc4 and SVN is that different audio 
codecs are used, but forcing SVN to use mp3lib (-ac mp3) like 1.0 uses 
still results in the crash (but I notice the codec is now listed as 
having problems).

For me by default SVN tries to use mpg123 which I don't have and falls 
back to ffmp2float - if you try SVN and do have mpg123 and don't crash 
maybe try -ac mp3 or -ac ffmp2float.

> Can you give me an exact svn release number? I will try to check that
> one out and see if I can reproduce the problems.

Was using SVN-r34007-4.2.3, updated today so now using SVN-r34050-4.2.3

I don't have pulseaudio so sound uses -ao alsa or oss.

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