[Mesa-dev] [RFC] [PATCH 1/2] mesa: let GL3 buf obj queries not depend on opengl major version

Ian Romanick idr at freedesktop.org
Mon Sep 19 09:17:42 PDT 2011

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On 09/19/2011 07:20 AM, Brian Paul wrote:
> On 09/19/2011 04:25 AM, Yuanhan Liu wrote:
>> If I understand correctly, the new GL3 buffer object queries
>> parameters, like BUFFER_MAP_ACCESS_FLAGS, depends on
>> ARB_map_buffer_range extension.
> That would make sense, but in fact the extension spec 
> (http://www.opengl.org/registry/specs/ARB/map_buffer_range.txt)
> says nothing about these queries.  They were added in GL 3.0.

It seems like this could be an error in the extension spec.  This is
one of the extensions, like ARB_framebuffer_object, that "back ports"
OpenGL 3.0 functionality to previous versions.  These extensions are
supposed to provide *identical* functionality to OpenGL 3.0.  The
other cases of mismatches have been determined to be bugs in the
extension specs.

The question is, what do other implementations do?  The other other
question is, are there any implementations that support
ARB_map_buffer_range but not OpenGL 3.0?
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