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Mon Sep 26 21:12:32 PDT 2011

"INT DIV function does not support SIMD16."

This does seem odd, but it -is- the only integer operation, so it's
plausible.  Still, I wonder this restriction is just for the variant
that returns the quotient in dst and remainder in dst + 1...since +1
isn't what you want in SIMD16 mode.  I suppose I'll have to try it and
find out...

> Also, it looks like we could drop the math workaround stuff for the VS
> on IVB?

Huh.  You're right, the docs no longer mandate align1 mode.  I threw
together a proof of concept patch and test which produced:

math pow(8) g5<1>.xyF g2<0,4,1>.yxxxF g1.4<0,4,1>.yxxxF {align16
WE_normal 1Q };

Correct results.  Yay!  align16 works.

The docs are still missing the dot in the "Cond Mod" and "Src Mod"
boxes, so I'd expect it to still ignore abs and negate.  But I decided
to try it anyway, and hacked up a patch & test that produced:

math sin(8) g5<1>F -g2<0,4,1>.wzyxF {align16 WE_normal 1Q};

This works too!  Apparently they just forgot to update the
"extra source of documentation" indicates source and conditional
modifiers should work just fine now.

At any rate, I suppose I'll rip out a bunch of stuff and respin. :D

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