[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 00/15] Clean up shader attribute handling

Kenneth Graunke kenneth at whitecape.org
Thu Sep 29 16:56:53 PDT 2011

On 09/29/2011 10:51 AM, Ian Romanick wrote:
> This series is the first block of cleans and refactors from my idr-work branch
> (note: the tail of that branch is kind of a mess right now).  This is working
> towards a fairly significant refactor of the way shaders (GLSL and assembly)
> are tracked and handled in Mesa.  The end goal is to remove as much of the
> dependency on the particulars of the old Mesa IR as possible.
> I'm breaking this up into several patch series so that people don't get review
> overload.  Sending out a single 40 patch series is just mean.
> The major thing to note in this series is that some code is move from C source
> to C++ source.  This is done so that things like GetAttribLocation can use the
> GLSL IR instead of the duplicated representation in the lower level IR.  More
> of that will occur when the uniform changes come.

You have my "Reviewed-by: Kenneth Graunke <kenneth at whitecape.org>" for:
01/15 mesa: Use Add linker_error instead of fail_link
02/15 mesa: Remove unused field gl_program::Varying
04/15 mesa: Document an odd side-effect of hash_table_insert
05/15 mesa: Refactor hash_table_{find, remove} to share some code
06/15 mesa: Add hash_table_replace
07/15 mesa: Move _mesa_BindAttribLocationARB to shader_query.cpp
10/15 mesa: Move _mesa_GetActiveAttribARB to shader_query.cpp
11/15 mesa: Make _mesa_GetActiveAttribARB use the attributes in the
shader IR
12/15 mesa: Remove unused gl_shader_program::Attributes
13/15 mesa: Determine GL_ACTIVE_ATTRIBUTES by walking
14/15 mesa: Determine GL_ACTIVE_ATTRIBUTE_MAX_LENGTH by walking the GLSL IR.
15/15 mesa: Remove unused gl_program::Attributes

This patch was NAK'd (but you have a fix):
03/15 mesa: Move _mesa_GetAttribLocationARB to shader_query.cpp

I replied with feedback to:
08/15 mesa: Add gl_shader_program::AttributeBindings
which will cause changes to patch 9.  I'll defer reviewing that until
your next submission.

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