[Mesa-dev] Upcoming Mesa releases

Ian Romanick idr at freedesktop.org
Thu Aug 9 19:01:55 PDT 2012

After the big announcement at SIGGRAPH, I want to discuss plans for 
upcoming Mesa releases.  This is basically inline with what we discussed 
a few months ago, but there are a couple changes.  I know a lot of 
people have been doing a lot of work all across the graphics stack, so I 
want to make sure that all of the work that's almost ready to land has a 

I mostly want to know if the plans for the next couple months work for 
people.  Anything beyond that is just my best guess of how things will go.

8/17: Release Mesa 8.0.5.  I'll send out another pick-list on Friday or 
Saturday, and pick things over on Monday or Tuesday.

8/20: Make a Mesa 9.0 stablization branch.  It looks like the few 
dangling bits of OpenGL 3.1 will get wrapped up pretty quick.  I'm 
confident that we can at least enable 3.1 on the hardware where we 
currently enable 3.0.

8/20 + ~4 weeks: Release Mesa 9.0.

9/21: Release Mesa 8.0.6.  The stable branch marches on.  Releasing at 
XDC seems like a fine plan.

8/20 + ~8 or 10 weeks: Merge the gles3 branch.  There's quite a bit more 
functional work there, and I want to give things a chance to settle and 
get tested more before we merge the branch.  The branch was created to 
say, "We won't be 3 years behind again."  It has done that job, but I 
don't want it to put other work at risk.

10/19: Release Mesa 9.0.1.  Not sure if we want to keep 8.0.x going or not.

11/16: Release Mesa 9.0.2.

12/14: Release Mesa 9.0.3.

1/18: Release Mesa 9.0.4, create 9.1 stabalization branch.

2/15: Release Mesa 9.1.  Since other folks are working on geometry 
shaders, this may actually be Mesa 10.0.  It's way too far away to even 
speculate.  At the OpenGL ES BoF, I joked that it would be our 
Valentine's Day present to the ES community, so we'll see what happens.

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