[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 01/26] mesa: Add ARB_ES3_compatibility flag.

Ian Romanick idr at freedesktop.org
Sat Dec 1 11:37:26 PST 2012

On 11/30/2012 01:39 PM, Paul Berry wrote:
> On 30 November 2012 12:11, Ian Romanick <idr at freedesktop.org
> <mailto:idr at freedesktop.org>> wrote:
>     This represents a rebase of the gles3 branch that moves the
>     completed GLSL to be first.  I'd like to get these bits merged to
>     master sooner rather than later.  Once these bits land, I'll rebase
>     and send out the next logical block.
>     I have also pushed this branch to the gles3 branch of my personal
>     GIT repo on fd.o.  Could people working on the gles3 branch take a
>     look to make sure no work got lost?  I'd like to force-push this to
>     origin/gles3 today.
> FYI, I've pushed a minor rebase on that branch to "gles3" on
> git://github.com/stereotype441/mesa.git
> <http://github.com/stereotype441/mesa.git>.  The only change is that I
> modified patches "mesa: Add new MESA_FORMATs for ETC2 compressed
> textures" through "mesa: Add decoding functions for
> build failures.  There's no diff between the tips of the branches.
> Ian, feel free to push my rebase to fd.o (assuming no one finds other
> problems).


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