[Mesa-dev] [RFC] r600g hyperz support

j.glisse at gmail.com j.glisse at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 11:51:53 PST 2012

So i finally have something that doesn't seem to lockup (i run in loop several
things that used to lockup on various GPU over 24hour without a single lockup),
or regress anything. It's a bundle deal the first patch is needed for lockup
avoidance. Tested on :
rv610, rv635, rv670, rv710, rv730, rv740, rv770, cedar, redwood, barts
A slightly different version of patch 2 have also been tested on :
rs780,rs880,caicos,turks,barts le

It's not yet fully cook as i need to check again the htile buffer size
computation which seems kind of wrong (i use a modified kernel to no choke on
it and to overallocate things). Otherwise the mesa bit are fully cook, i am
sending this to get feedback on them.

I will go back to htile computation but this will require quite a lot few GPU

For the curious this is the result of looking at more that 12GB of fglrx command
stream ...


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