[Mesa-dev] [Bug 58210] New: vmwgfx freezes system when starting Xorg

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Wed Dec 12 12:43:47 PST 2012


          Priority: medium
            Bug ID: 58210
          Assignee: mesa-dev at lists.freedesktop.org
           Summary: vmwgfx freezes system when starting Xorg
          Severity: major
    Classification: Unclassified
                OS: Linux (All)
          Reporter: john.kare.alsaker at gmail.com
          Hardware: x86-64 (AMD64)
            Status: NEW
           Version: 9.0
         Component: Other
           Product: Mesa

Enabling 3D acceleration in VMware Workstation 9.0.1 causes the system to
freeze after starting Xorg. With 3D acceleration disabled things work fine
using llvmpipe.

This started happening after Mesa 8.0 (9.0 and git master). It does work for
Arch Linux's mesa-9.0-1 packages, but not for mesa-9.0.1-1 or any of the manual
builds I made.

Relevant software versions:
libdrm : 2.4.40-1
xorg-server :
linux : 3.6.9-1
xf86-video-vmware : 12.0.2-2

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