[Mesa-dev] [RFC PATCH 0/26] Implement ARB_texture_multisample

Chris Forbes chrisf at ijw.co.nz
Sat Dec 29 04:35:13 PST 2012

This series adds support for ARB_texture_multisample in core mesa
and the i965 driver, and initially enables it for Gen6.

There's a few rough edges still:
- sample counts aren't quantized correctly

- various small Gen7-specific things aren't done or adequately tested
   (Gen7 surface_state bits; testing for 8x mode; MCS; Gen7 `ld`
   argument layout)

- HiZ/STENCIL_INDEX* interactions are almost certainly wrong on Gen6,
   since I'm not setting up HiZ surfaces at all.

- dispatch is slightly bogus (using exec=mesa). not sure what i'm doing
   wrong here, but the proper exec=dynamic doesn't work. i'm sure im
   missing something really obvious.

- some other Gen6 restrictions on 'large' multisample formats aren't
   taken into account (the PRM mentions that formats larger than 64bits
   per sample don't work)

- almost certainly some style violations :)

Piglits for this feature are in the texture_multisample branch at
git://github.com/chrisforbes/piglit.git, and cover most things now.
I'll tidy those changes up into a nice series for the piglit list soon.

Let me know how I'm doing it wrong :)

-- Chris

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