[Mesa-dev] [Bug 45292] Compilation failure on d3d1x state tracker: ‘ID3D10Include’ has not been declared

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Thu Feb 9 22:43:22 PST 2012


--- Comment #1 from Jeremy Murphy <jeremy.william.murphy at gmail.com> 2012-02-09 22:43:22 PST ---
OK, I have found what is going wrong, it is pretty simple.  d3d10.h contains these three lines at the end of the file:

#include "d3d10misc.h"
#include "d3d10shader.h"
#include "d3d10effect.h"

'ID3D10Include' is defined (typedef'd) in d3d10shader.h and it is used in d3d10effect.h.  At least, it is defined in Wine's copy, but not in Mesa's copy. 
However, since Mesa does *not* have its own copy of d3d10effect.h, it always brings in Wine's copy, which expects 'ID3D10Include' to have been previously

This typedef was introduced in Wine in 1.3.2, so I guess you are developing against an older version?  Or are you using the latest Wine but don't hit this
problem?  I am curious to know.

Anyway, that's the problem, in case it wasn't already obvious, but I don't know enough about Mesa at the moment to suggest a solution.  Roll your own
d3d10effect.h?  Cheers.

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