[Mesa-dev] [RFC] Merging feature work to Mesa master

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 09:16:16 PST 2012

> 1. Missing checks for error conditions that the spec requires an
> implementation to check for.
> 2. Newly-added state is not being saved/restored properly by meta-ops.
> 3. Overzealous error checks: some error condition is not being checked for
> in the correct way, causing an error to be generated even for correct input.
> 4. API Functions neglecting to set ctx->NewState when necessary, so the
> driver fails to notice that state has changed.
> IMHO, Ian's proposals, or some variant of them, would be useful because they
> directly address pain points like the ones above.  For instance, requiring
> complete vertical slices of functionality would help with 3 and 4, because
> it would ensure that at the time state was added to the front-end, we could
> easily test that things propagated properly to the back-end.  And requiring
> a robust set of tests would help with 1 and 2, because any adequately robust
> set of tests for a feature would include testing error conditions and
> meta-op behaviour.

The meta-op stuff is a misnomer, only Intel use the metaops in terms
of drivers people are developing.

also I think the gallium stuff won't always mean we miss a
ctx->NewState, until someone cleans up a lot more :)


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