[Mesa-dev] Mesa llvmpipe for WebGL software rendering

Benoit Jacob bjacob at mozilla.com
Wed Feb 29 15:56:54 PST 2012

Many thanks for the answers, that is what I needed to know. 

I filed this mentored bug, hopefully someone bites:

> llvmpipe can also be built as drop-in replacement for
> libGL.so/opengl32, which could be shipped/bundled separately

Yes, that is exactly what I want.

> - On Linux it would be a matter of dlopen() pure llvmpipe's libGL.so.
> - On windows it would be a matter to LoadLibraryA()'s llvmpipe
> opengl32.dll instead of MS's.

Right, that is what works for us.

> >  2. Related question: are you planning to update OSMesa, base it on
> >  llvmpipe? Last I checked, OSMesa was based on swrast from an old
> >  Mesa version. An updated OSMesa would offer a great solution to
> >  question 1.
> I'm not very familiar with OSMesa myself, but it is relatively small
> component on top of the Mesa stack, so it should be easy to adapt
> OSMesa to use gallium (hence llvmpipe).

Given the above, it turns out that I don't need OSMesa.

> Yep. See:
> - http://www.mesa3d.org/install.html#scons
> - http://www.mesa3d.org/llvmpipe.html

Great! Thanks.

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