[Mesa-dev] softpipe GL3 status

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 09:04:02 PST 2012

Hi guys,

Just a quick note, I've just spent a week or so trying to see where
gallium and softpipe were w.r.t GL3.0 support.

I've pushed a branch to my repo called softpipe-gl3. It contains
patches in various state of usefulness but it brings the piglit
results to 220 failures in 7623 tests, which isn't bad.

Outstanding known problems (stuff I've dug into).

smooth interpolation is broken in softpipe, worth about 70-100 fixes
at a quick guess.

integer abs - we have no TGSI representation for this, should we lower
it to something?
integer SSG (set sign) - no TGSI for this, lower it?

roundEven - need to implement softpipe round to match hw rounds which
are roundEven.

cube shadow sampling, some reason ends up getting info from the fallback texture

fbo-stencil tests, st/mesa needs to implement st_BlitFramebuffer(GL_STENCIL).

minmax: need to increase texture array levels to 256 and missing
multisample support.

the unknown stuff includes some GLSL compiler failures and generic GLX issues.

Oh and this is all only available when DRAW_USE_LLVM=false is set,
adding integer support to LLVM is a bit of a bigger task, and I'm not
sure I can really get into it at the moment.

in case anyone is looking for any motivation on why I've been working
on this, it just seemed like it would be nice to have a reference sw
GL3.0 compatible renderer in Mesa 8.0.


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