[Mesa-dev] [Bug 44039] Mesa 7.12-devel implementation error: unexpected format 0x822e in _mesa_choose_tex_format()

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Mon Jan 16 12:57:26 PST 2012


--- Comment #6 from Roland Scheidegger <sroland at vmware.com> 2012-01-16 12:57:26 PST ---
(In reply to comment #5)
> We didn't already do this because the OpenGL 3.0 spec requires that GL_R32F be
> 32-bit float.  Ken dug into this a bit, and the problem is that GEN4 can't do
> filtering on 32-bit float formats.  Our current thinking is to just disable
> GL_ARB_texture_float on GEN4 and GEN4.5.
This seems a bit inconsequent since there's lots of the same format conversion
for other formats (like ordinary rgba16), you just got lucky i965 doesn't hit
them (presumably), but GL3 requires fixed size for them just as well.

> We could maybe add this work-around, but we'd have to modify compute_version to
> only advertise 3.0 if the required FLOAT32 formats are supported.  Is that
> doable?
I think that would be a good solution, there's probably way more apps out there
which want to use the float16 formats rather than the float32 formats, hence
not advertizing texture_float just because your chip can't filter float32 seems
a bit harsh. (Or if it doesn't support filtering, maybe just don't filter them?
That won't be quite conformant neither certainly but I don't know if that's
worse than using f16 instead, you'd think an app using f32 is doing that for a
good reason.)

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