[Mesa-dev] Should we fix Unigine apps?

Marek Olšák maraeo at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 13:17:34 PST 2012

Hi everyone,

If your Mesa driver supports GL3 or EXT_texture_array or ARB_draw_instanced, Unigine is broken for you. (I tested Unigine Sanctuary and Unigine Heaven, the others probably won't be any different)

The only way to make it work seems to be to relax some requirements of the GL spec and extensions (i.e. being non-compliant and non-portable in theory, but actually being very portable in practice). There are probably more ways to go about it. The patch below fixes softpipe and r600g. I think we should discuss this and come up with some solution, otherwise Unigine will be broken forever. It doesn't have to be exactly like this patch. I think that if we go with an out-of-spec behavior, we should print a compiler warning at least.

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