[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 2/8] i965/msaa: Add an enum to describe MSAA layout.

Chad Versace chad.versace at linux.intel.com
Mon Jul 9 13:36:20 PDT 2012

On 07/06/2012 03:29 PM, Paul Berry wrote:
>>From the Ivy Bridge PRM, Vol 1 Part 1, p112:
>     There are three types of multisampled surface layouts designated
>     as follows:
>       - IMS Interleaved Multisampled Surface
>       - CMS Compressed Mulitsampled Surface
>       - UMS Uncompressed Multisampled Surface
> Previously, the i965 driver only used IMS and UMS formats, and
> distinguished beetween them using the boolean
> intel_mipmap_tree::msaa_is_interleaved.  To facilitate adding support
> for the CMS format, this patch replaces that boolean (and other
> booleans derived from it) with an enum
> INTEL_MSAA_LAYOUT_{IMS,CMS,UMS}.  It also updates the terminology used
> in comments throughout the driver to match the IMS/CMS/UMS terminology
> used in the PRM.  CMS layout is not yet used.
> The enum has a fourth possible value, INTEL_MSAA_LAYOUT_NONE, which is
> used for non-multisampled surfaces.

Though I can't vouch for the correctness of the code touched, I can vouch that
the conversion is corect. That's what this patch is about, anyway.
And the comments for intel_msaa_layout are informative.

Reviewed-by: Chad Versace <chad.versace at linux.intel.com>

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