[Mesa-dev] r600g: hyperz

j.glisse at gmail.com j.glisse at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 10:58:33 PDT 2012

So this patch serie add hyperz but does not enable it by default. I
think i addressed all comment in v9 for htile. I am also asking to
include the flushing rework as without it hyperz lockup with thing
such as gears.

So with both patch most application should be fine with hyperz, but
application that switch depth are the most likely to trigger lockup.

>From regression pov the 2 patch doesn't seems to regress anything
according to piglit (r6xx,r7xx,evergreen). However, enabling hyperz
lead to some rendering issue with evergreen and lightmark, but as
i can't run piglit regression without lockup i haven't tracked down
exactly what (my guess is that it's related to hyper-stencil).


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