[Mesa-dev] 761131ce4591e5f55f38d13f2c4d2194bc9cb0fd build regression with llvm 2.8

Jose Fonseca jfonseca at vmware.com
Sat Jul 21 02:53:21 PDT 2012

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> Hi guys
> LLVM 2.8 doesn't appear to have mcjit, so we end up with no llvm libs
> defined, 

Yes, mcjit is only used/necessary from llvm-3.1 onwards, so the autoconf code should check conditiionally.

BTW, I'll soon commit a change that will stop using mcjit from 3.2 onwards (as with the current LLVM 3.2 trunk, AVX is supported by the old jit, which is more stable/polished).

> look at the recent build failures in tinderbox.x.org.

Interesting. Where can I read more about tinderbox.x.org setup? Would it be possible to add our own machines to the mix?

I'm maintaining builds on a Jenkins machine internally. I'd like to provide Mesa/piglit build results for platforms we care that few other developers use (i.e., windows), but the jenkins server is also building/testing internal projects, and I don't really have the time to maintain a separate public-facing jenkins server. But the load of mainting a slave build machine for tinderbox.x.org sounds feasible.


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