[Mesa-dev] [Bug 52435] Classic DRI drivers fail to install when libdricore8.1.0.so isn't already in the system

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Tue Jul 24 14:20:37 PDT 2012


--- Comment #3 from Laurent carlier <lordheavym at gmail.com> 2012-07-24 14:20:37 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> Um, error might be correct.
> For some reason, libtool has determined it needs to relink these driver
> libraries when installing them, so you need have an installed libdricore as
> well.
> So why not 'make -C src/mesa/dricore DESTDIR="${pkgdir}" install' first?
> (Presumably, if you used the top-level install target, we would do all these
> things in the correct order for you)

I've tried also that and it raise the error:

  cd ${srcdir}/mesa-git

  ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc \
  --with-dri-driverdir=/usr/lib/xorg/modules/dri \
  --with-gallium-drivers=r300,r600,nouveau,swrast,svga \
  --with-egl-platforms=drm,x11 \
  --enable-gallium-llvm \
  --enable-gallium-egl \
  --enable-glx-tls \
  --enable-glx \
  --enable-gles1 \
  --enable-gles2 \
  --enable-egl \
  --enable-r600-llvm-compiler \
  --enable-shared-glapi \
  --enable-texture-float \
  --enable-xa \
  --enable-gbm \
  --enable-osmesa \

  make -C src/mesa/drivers/dri/radeon DESTDIR="${pkgdir}" install

--> error

The fix i've found is to add -L$(top_builddir)\/$(LIB_DIR) in the Makefile.am
files for radeon,r200,i915,i965,nouveau drivers (see patch provided)

You can find various forum thread about libtool and relinking problems.

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