[Mesa-dev] [Bug 47375] Blender crash on startup after upgrade to mesa 8.0.1

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--- Comment #15 from Brian Paul <brian.e.paul at gmail.com> 2012-07-25 22:22:58 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #14)

> Brian, can you tell me what are the differences in swrast component between the
> 7.11.2-1 mesa release version and the 8.0.x release ?

There's a ton of changes in swrast since 7.11, unfortunately.

> we know that swrast runs without problems in 7.11.2-1 mesa version with blender
> and an old ati radeon card ( rv250, rv280 cards ),
> but something in the 8.0.x mesa release has changed in the "swrast component",
> if we can locate these new lines in the source code then we will find probably
> the culprit,
> maybe a new onpenGL instruction who is not supported by old card like rv250,
> rv280, don't forget that radeon 9000 card ( rv250 ) only supports opengl 1.3
> version,
> I need some tips in order to debug this problem ( I'm a newbie in debugging
> opengl/multimedia software )

Let's first find out why the 'fallback' variable in _mesa_meta_DrawPixels() is
getting set.  Basically, use gdb to set a breakpoint in _mesa_meta_DrawPixels()
then go step by step to see where 'fallback = GL_TRUE' is getting hit.

To set a breakpoint: "break _mesa_meta_DrawPixels()"
To step one instruction: "s" or "step"

When you find the point where fallback = GL_TRUE is set, note the current line
and try to print some of the variables in the conditionals.

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