[Mesa-dev] [PATCH v2 0/7] Support Desktop GL Core contexts

Ian Romanick idr at freedesktop.org
Fri Jul 27 08:25:33 PDT 2012

On 07/27/2012 08:05 AM, Brian Paul wrote:
> On 07/27/2012 12:43 AM, Jordan Justen wrote:
>> These patches introduce a MESA API type of API_OPENGL_CORE,
>> which will not support legacy/non-CORE features. The intended
>> usage will be with contexts for Desktop GL>= 3.1.
>> The series will currently cause legacy/non-CORE functions
>> to generate a GL_INVALID_OPERATION error if an API_OPENGL_CORE
>> context is created.
>> Since MESA currently cannot create a context of API_OPENGL_CORE,
>> this series should not actually change the behaviour of MESA.
>> Future changesets will add the ability to create API_OPENGL_CORE
>> contexts.
>> This series also does not address deprecated enums usage for
>> CORE contexts.
>> v2:
>>   * Decompose patches further
>>   * Drop DRI changes
>>   * Drop state_tracker changes
>>   * Drop MESA_GL_API_OVERRIDE variable
>> v1:
>>   * Add CORE API type
>>   * Alter code paths to generate errors for legacy functions
>>   * Add MESA_GL_API_OVERRIDE variable
>> Jordan Justen (7):
>>    mesa: add API_OPENGL_CORE api
>>    mesa: add api check macros
>>    mesa: add support for using API_OPENGL_CORE
>>    glsl: add support for using API_OPENGL_CORE
>>    meta: add support for using API_OPENGL_CORE
>>    intel: add support for using API_OPENGL_CORE
>>    mesa: don't enable legacy GL functions when using API_OPENGL_CORE
> I don't recall seeing the v1 series of these patches.

I reviewed them and gave Jordan some feedback before he sent them out to 
the list.

> I also don't recall any discussion about whether we should support core
> profiles.  But I'm glad to see this.

Initially the core profile infrastructure is for OpenGL 3.0 
forward-compatible contexts.  We'll eventually need it OpenGL 3.2.  I'd 
also like to piggyback some changes on this series to kill off the GLES 

> Some people will probably want to create core-profile GL apps and it's
> difficult to know if you're really being core-profile-compliant if your
> GL implementation only supports the full/legacy profile.  It's easy to
> accidently use a legacy feature and not realize it.
> I have some comments on the patches themselves...
> -Brian
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