[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 9/9] vl/video_buffer: add YUYV and UYVY support

Andy Furniss andyqos at ukfsn.org
Mon Mar 5 06:02:05 PST 2012

Christian König wrote:

> That assertion is indeed incorrect now, but the problem lies even
> deeper. Neither our MPEG2 decoder nor xines software decoder can handle
> 4:2:2 streams, so I couldn't find a way to test that probably. Xine is
> just checking for YUY2 support before using VDPAU in any way, so with
> that patch you can at least play 4:2:0 streams.

I had a grep around in the xinelib 1.21 sources and it doesn't look like 
it asks for VDP_YCBCR_FORMAT_YUYV (well not before the error I get so far).

The query I think fails for me is -

./src/video_out/video_out_vdpau.c-  st = 
vdp_video_surface_query_capabilities( vdp_device, VDP_CHROMA_TYPE_422, 
&ok, &max_surface_width, &max_surface_height );

I also notice that vdpauinfo lists the new formats under 420 with no 422 
line so I guess that's why it still fails for me.

> Thx for the tip with mplayer, it looks like mplayers software
> decoder+VDPAU can actually play those streams, so I now was able to
> hammer out some of the bugs. But sampling from those packet formats is
> still a bit buggy, need to work on that a bit more before I can commit
> those patches.

FWIW the only mpeg2 422 I have gets output as planar, maybe that would 
be easier to implement but of course packed is also worth doing.

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