[Mesa-dev] Xorg foundation support of Mesa

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 10:05:13 PDT 2012

Hello Mesa developers,

   In the last X.Org foundation board meeting we discussed expanding
our charter to encourage and aid in the development of projects
related to the X Window System (Mesa, DRI, Wayland, etc.).  While this
is already largely the case (most of your EVoC project have been non-X
projects), we'd like to make it a more formal part of our charter.
This is not an attempt to claim ownership of Mesa or any other
projects, it is just a formal reaching out to the community to make it
known that we are willing to support and encourage projects beyond X.
If anyone has any questions or ideas or concerns, please let us know.


Alex Deucher
X.Org Foundation Board

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