[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 0/5] Minor fixes to the code that populates the dispatch table.

Paul Berry stereotype441 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 09:35:03 PDT 2012

This patch series makes several minor corrections to the code that
populates the desktop/GLES2 dispatch table (_mesa_create_exec_table()
and related code):

Patch 1/5 avoids an annoying compiler warning.

Patch 2/5 makes ClampColor and ClampColorARB share aliases of each
other.  (Previously these functions used separate dispatch table
entries, even though they have no behavioural difference, and are
implemented using the same underlying Mesa function).

Patch 3/5 de-deprecates GetPointerv so that it is available in core
contexts (in accordance with the needs of KHR_debug, ARB_debug_output,
and GL 4.3).

Patch 4/5 deprecates ProgramStringARB, which is only useful for the
ARB_{vertex,fragment}_program extensions, which we don't expose in
core contexts.

Patch 5/5 ensures that we populate the correct entries in the dispatch
table for GLES3 contexts.

[PATCH 1/5] main: Fix warning ('struct gl_context' declared inside parameter list).
[PATCH 2/5] glapi: Alias ClampColor and ClampColorARB.
[PATCH 3/5] _mesa_create_exec_table: de-deprecate GetPointerv.
[PATCH 4/5] _mesa_create_exec_table(): deprecate ProgramStringARB.
[PATCH 5/5] _mesa_create_exec_table: GLES3 fixes.

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