[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 7/8] mesa: update .cherry-ignore file

Andreas Boll andreas.boll.dev at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 13:00:53 PDT 2012


This patch is only for the 8.0 branch.

 bin/.cherry-ignore |   22 ++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 files changed, 22 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/bin/.cherry-ignore b/bin/.cherry-ignore
index cab2d46..9e2dc7d 100644
--- a/bin/.cherry-ignore
+++ b/bin/.cherry-ignore
@@ -4,6 +4,9 @@ efd73f72d8f34a40d6a1cd279fffa48dc13b6e5b mapi/glapi: Never use a generic no-op e
 ab1195cf1127781909d5158c7de68f8732458d75 swrast: Fix implicit declaration warnings
 e2dce7f7ee3e7da9cbb0bb33307ecd79e824426d intel: Fix rendering from textures after RenderTexture().
 b4082f492b4b55df4c636445e47b97d1f1e4b5b2 r600g: add support for TN (trinity) APUs
+5beba3d0ba593b661451217a5ffcdf68644cc903 mesa: use _mesa_rebase_rgba_float/uint() in glGetTexImage code
+4a269a8dc0170c75ff22af3910786228727ea41e r300/compiler: Clear loop registers in vertex shaders w/o loops
+73249239cf71e3595ee19f3c1a02b8b0f58994cd r300/compiler: Copy all instruction attributes during local transfoms
 # There's no blorp in the 8.0 branch.
 32c7b2769cbe80ff56d1c73c4f9b62f13f577c8d i965/blorp: Clarify why width/height must be adjusted for Gen6 IMS surfaces.
@@ -66,3 +69,22 @@ de958de71b1450952e021af4e729c87406353db6 i915: Don't free the intel_context stru
 # GL_NV_draw_buffers doesn't exist in 8.0.
 23ff634c9c2eff744b5ddae7d1ba02bc1ef19ac5 gles2: Alias glReadBufferNV with desktop glReadBuffer
+# Candidates for 9.0 only
+61706915a3b5644faf7a5e67f47c9c593620bf8c gallium/u_blitter: fix stencil-only blits
+df5e2c058f73b72909fa99a2a189f5877525e3bf r600g: do not require MSAA renderbuffer support if not asked for
+2988fa940e1d8a4531fddff4d554eec1e6e04474 draw: fix non-indexed draw calls if there's an index buffer
+933faae2b8669f459e7ab27d6bcbfb6f4136b6d5 r600g: flush FMASK and CMASK when changing colorbuffers on Evergreen
+ed8d87c6a641efe8667c0ba580260ffaff5ffc7e radeonsi: add some new SI pci ids
+c96828ecb46b5aee3121a018be365b738c35cbdc mesa: Ignore SRGB when determining compatible resolve formats.
+7da12426f7682ffc44ae40e31d1b5712521fbb70 build: Use AX_PTHREAD to detect pthreads
+9ed00075d8ea0ffaa675237e32b8611ad3064dbf build: Link libglapi with pthreads
+9dfca930d7fcfda6767d3be9b1690d010f08fea5 r600g: fix possible issue with stencil mipmap rendering
+93eba269351c6e256db3a4cc7c7018f5a3fae5a1 nouveau: use pre-calculated stride for resource_get_handle
+587d5db11d8047663201c5fb06a6b2feb5d55891 egl: Return EGL_BAD_MATCH for invalid profile attributes
+9237f0ea8d176fb5dcd41868dcc723fe34f6b1f3 i965/vs: Implement register spilling.
+60a9390978db0a3c9b0170c726ebe684baf75734 svga: don't use uninitialized framebuffer state
+60565b564bc969ce47fb8417c79050c261e5aec9 android: generate matching remap_helper to dispatch table
+3fffe8f7b77938fcbf449a7f9a2ae9614c8e2bd4 util: null-out the node's prev/next pointers in list_del()
+3767b25bd3f77cede452cfbe9b66a51b352d9036 meta: Use float for temporary images, not (un)signed normalized.
+f93cb0bebb10e3e3e5df099be51021b211650356 dri_util: Use calloc to allocate __DRIcontext

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