[Mesa-dev] GL 3.1 on Radeon HD 4670?

Patrick Baggett baggett.patrick at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 10:11:12 PDT 2012

Hi all,

I've got a really weird duck of system: an Itanium2 system running Linux
3.7.0-rc3 with the newest libdrm and mesa git from yesterday. I configured
it with --enable-texture-float and the radeon DRI driver. When I use
glxinfo, I see that it is Mesa 9.1-devel but only OpenGL 3.0. Is that
because my version glxinfo doesn't create the appropriate context? Is there
an updated version of glxinfo that does? Or a flag that I should pass to
only consider core contexts?

Thanks for making all of this open source and possible too; I probably have
one of the only ia64 systems with GL >= 3.0 in the world!

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