[Mesa-dev] Mesa 9.0 release plans

Ian Romanick idr at freedesktop.org
Fri Sep 28 16:10:43 PDT 2012

There are only a few patches left on master marked as candidates for the 
branch.  These basically fall into three groups:

- Fix mipmap generation.  There is stil one outstanding bug related to 
integer textures.  Anuj is working on a fix (disable mipmap generation 
for integer textures).  Once this is available, the whole series will be 

299acac849eb8506de9760c94c6e8e8b1046d909 _mesa_meta_GenerateMipmap: 
Support all texture targets by generating shaders at runtime
15bf3103b48a5928321fe56fbb3ed28a0f314418 _mesa_meta_GenerateMipmap: 
Generate separate shaders for glsl 120 / 130
eb1d87fb945783448cc40ad43c9cd4d98002d424 meta: Add on demand compilation 
of per target shader programs

- TexImage performance improvement for Google Chrome.  There's still 
some debate about whether or not these should be picked.
413c4914129cd26ca87960852d8c0264c0fb29e7 intel: Improve teximage perf 
for Google Chrome paint rects (v3)
b1d0fe022dc4826dadce014ab8fe062a82f75a16 intel: Fix segfault in 
b5891286202987dfc2606ac716050c0ee426de11 intel: Fix yet-another-bug in 

- A set of fixes for r600g.  The first had a pile of conflicts, and I 
don't have hardware to test.  I punted this back to Marek.

933faae2b8669f459e7ab27d6bcbfb6f4136b6d5 r600g: flush FMASK and CMASK 
when changing colorbuffers on Evergreen
836325bf7edd797e02ab0717a05ca5c51aa1ac93 r600g: fix instance divisor on 
fd5c5384648a0d6191c19748a2d1f1148c5ee98f r600g: fix RSQ of negative 
value on Cayman
96f50d0cf7bb13507f272d2f6ef9a6fca24d18e1 r600g: fix EXP on Cayman

My goal is to have all of these resolved by Monday or Tuesday, and we'll 
do the release on Friday (10/5).

Sound good?

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