[Mesa-dev] [Bug 59967] [regression] configure: error: Could not find llvm shared libraries

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--- Comment #14 from Tom Stellard <tstellar at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to comment #12)
> I suggest to remove this configure check since it prevents building on an
> otherwise working setup. Better risking of failing during make rather than
> during configure if the make would then succeed.

There are actually two reason for that check.  The first is to determine which
build system (auto* or CMake was used to build LLVM).  This is necessary,
because with auto* LLVM builds a single shared library and with CMake it builds
one shared library for each component, so we need to figure out which linker
flags to use.

The second reason is to prevent users from getting confused when they have
linker errors resulting from missing shared libraries.

I agree with Michel, that it would be better to try to link to libraries rather
than just test that the files exist.  However, I spent some time investigating
the ax_ext_have_lib solution proposed by Matt, and I don't think it will work
for us, because it automatically adds the library to $(LIBS) and the path to
$(LDFLAGS), which I'm not sure is what we want.  Also, there is no way to
specify an action to perform if the libraries are found, which we need in order
to add the libraries to LLVM_LIBS.

Until someone can come up with a good solution for checking for libraries via
linking, my preference is to keep the check as is.  I think it is more
important to give users a useful error when something fails than it is to
support customized distro installed.  Distro maintainers usually have the
knowledge to work around these issues, while some users may not.

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