[Mesa-dev] [PATCH libdrm] freedreno: add freedreno DRM

Eric Anholt eric at anholt.net
Tue Feb 19 12:50:43 PST 2013

Rob Clark <robdclark at gmail.com> writes:

> From: Rob Clark <robclark at freedesktop.org>
> The libdrm_freedreno helper layer for use by xf86-video-freedreno,
> fdre (freedreno r/e library and tests for driving gpu), and eventual
> gallium driver for the Adreno GPU.  This uses the msm gpu driver
> from QCOM's android kernel tree.
> Note that current msm kernel driver is a bit strange.  It provides a
> DRM interface for GEM, which is basically sufficient to have DRI2
> working.  But it does not provide KMS.  And interface to 2d and 3d
> cores is via different other devices (/dev/kgsl-*).  This is not
> quite how I'd write a DRM driver, but at this stage it is useful for
> xf86-video-freedreno and fdre (and eventual gallium driver) to be
> able to work on existing kernel driver from QCOM, to allow to
> capture cmdstream dumps from the binary blob drivers without having
> to reboot.  So libdrm_freedreno attempts to hide most of the crazy.
> The intention is that when there is a proper kernel driver, it will
> be mostly just changes in libdrm_freedreno to adapt the gallium
> driver and xf86-video-freedreno (ignoring the fbdev->KMS changes).
> So don't look at freedreno as an example of how to write a libdrm
> module or a DRM driver.. it is just an attempt to paper over a non-
> standard kernel driver architecture.

Yeah, at this stage I expect things to be kinda held together with duct
tape and baling wire, and it's still worth having the code in git.

Acked-by: Eric Anholt <eric at anholt.net>
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