[Mesa-dev] [Bug 61412] glCallLists/glBitmap calls slow on Intel implementation of Mesa drivers

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--- Comment #14 from Ian Romanick <idr at freedesktop.org> ---
(In reply to comment #12)
> (In reply to comment #11)
> > We've tried really hard to help you, and all of your responses have been
> > filled with rudeness and belligerence.  I think we're done trying to help
> > you.  You can reopen the bug if you want, but we have no plans to do
> > anything with it.
> > 
> > Have a nice day.
> It's nice to see the world is still full of people who are happy to live
> with broken utilities.
> It really is quite sad that a company like NVidia - or AMD even - who have
> to have their hands forced by a company like Valve can at least produce
> working drivers for their devices while you lot who supposedly work for the
> community and produce things by the community can't even acknowledge and
> attempt to fix a problem brought up by someone.  And then go so far as to be
> arrogant and ignore everything said person says and then use their
> frustration against them to further ignore the issue.
> Good day, take your shitty drivers and wallow in your arrogance and self
> righteousness.  It's people like you that drive other people away from using
> bug reporting systems to try and find a proper solution to an issue and
> resolve it for future cases, and even deter people from using the operating
> system the issue originates on.

1. Nobody was arrogant or self righteous.  I went back and read every message
in this thread several times.  Based on incomplete information, we tried to
offer detailed suggestions of how to make your application work better with our

2. Key information like "I'm using glXUseXFont so I never interact with the
font data at all in any way" was omitted until message 10 in the thread.  Up to
that point, at least five different people that read the bug thought your
application was calling glBitmap directly.  There was certainly no reason to
think otherwise.  That changes things a lot.

3. Nobody wants to volunteer to be yelled at and called names in a bug tracker.
 We didn't tell you to "take your shitty ..." and do something with it.  We
didn't tell you to "bugger off."  I don't expect that you'd talk to the guy
behind the counter at the coffee shop that way.  If you did, they'd probably
kick you out permanently.  I'm surprised that you think it's okay to talk to us
that way.  In an asynchronous communication mechanism, there's plenty of time
to self-censor.  I'm somewhat infamous for... speaking with rage before
thinking, so I understand better than most how difficult that can be.

4. You suggested that we should "simply prioritise any issues we encounter and
get to them when we can."  In comment #7 I tried to describe exactly that. 
Where to you prioritize an issue seen by one user versus issues seen by many

Let's start over.

In comment #2, Ken asked for an apitrace of your application.  Can you provide

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