[Mesa-dev] GMA3150 - OpenVG - QT - Embedded

Einar Már Björgvinsson Einar.Bjorgvinsson at marel.com
Mon Feb 25 16:13:01 PST 2013

Thank you very much for this reply Matt. 
I have been giving this a go and managed to clear most of it except the LLVM, which I am having trouble cross-compiling. 
I have sent an email on their list and waiting for a respond. 


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On Sun, Feb 17, 2013 at 9:34 AM, Einar Már Björgvinsson
<Einar.Bjorgvinsson at marel.com> wrote:
> Hi there
> I'm currently trying to cross-compile the Mesa-9.0.1 before compiling QT 4.8
> with OpenVG support.
> I've tried some variation of compiling both the Mesa library and the libdrm
> with several build complaints.
> My main question here is that I feel like I need a brief overview of what I
> should be building and with which options ??
>  What I'm trying to accomplish is to compile QT 4.8 with OpenVG support to
> run on Intel Atom D525 without any X11 support
> We maintain our own Ubuntu based Linux distro where all graphics are using
> framebuffer. We are trying to move from that and
> into using the 2D acceleration on the Intel Atom (GMA3150).
> I haven't managed to go passed the 'configure' stage of the Mesa build, it
> complains of not finding the libdrm, so I downloaded the libdrm and started
> to cross-compile. That stopped on build failure complaining about not
> finding 'pciaccess'.
> With this email I'm just trying to get answers on which course I should
> focus on because I have a feeling that there are several libraries I need
> to cross-compile in order to get this work done. I want to minimize that
> work as possible.
> Hope you can assist.
> Regards
> Einar M. Bjorgvinsson
> Embedded Software Engineer
> Marel ehf
> Iceland


OpenVG is implemented as a state tracker for Gallium3D, so only
Gallium3D drivers are able to use it. Pineview is i915, so in order to
use OpenVG you'll have to use the Gallium/i915 driver that isn't
maintained by Intel. (Intel maintains the "classic"-style i915 driver)

I'd try to configure with these options:

./configure --with-dri-drivers= --with-gallium-drivers=i915
--enable-gallium-llvm --enable-openvg --enable-gallium-egl

(--enable-gallium-llvm gives i915 better performance, but adds the
dependency of LLVM)

You might be able to avoid some dependencies by adding

--disable-opengl --disable-gles1 --disable-gles2 --disable-dri --disable-glx

but I'm not really sure how Gallium works, so you might need DRI to
get any acceleration.

libdrm built with Intel support, which Gallium/i915 needs, does indeed
depend on libpciaccess. libpciaccess is a rather small library though.
I wouldn't expect trouble with it.


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