[Mesa-dev] r300g terribly broken on rv350

son_of_the_osiris at interia.pl son_of_the_osiris at interia.pl
Wed Jan 9 05:48:14 PST 2013

W dniu 09.01.2013 10:36, Marek Olšák pisze:
> Could you please try this patch?
> Marek
> On Tue, Jan 8, 2013 at 7:08 PM,<son_of_the_osiris at interia.pl>  wrote:
>> I just update my mesa-git and it look like opengl is broken in rv350.In
>> kernel log I see
>> Forbidden register 0x4BE0 in cs at 42 (val=00000000)
>> radeon_cs_ib_chunk] *ERROR* Invalid command stream !
>> I must say that 2 days ago also was something changed in r300g and I have
>> got black screen when I run some vertex shader test that passed before.
>> cheers
Yes. With this patch opengl works again. Also I test with this patch 
"radeon/winsys: add dma ring support to 

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