[Mesa-dev] thread safe llvmpipe

Jose Fonseca jfonseca at vmware.com
Sat Jan 12 17:22:03 PST 2013

That work has been merged (w/ LLVM 3.1 and MC-JIT support), however it's quite likely that's there are still race conditions, as nobody has been pursuing llvmpipe thread-safety so far. 


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> Last year end of march i remember there was a discusssion about the
> thread safety in llvmpipe.
> It seems that llvmpipe was not thread safe since the underlying LLVM
> contexts were shared, but there was a branch mentioned that fixes
> this issue and that was planned to be merged to the mainline in the
> future.

> When working with the latest mesa version i currently still notice
> that llvmpipe is currently not thread safe - so i assume that this
> changes that bring separated LLVM context handling have not been
> submitted to the main line so far.
> Any new information available concerning this topic?
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