[Mesa-dev] [PATCH V5 0/7]intel: add support for EGL_KHR_gl_image

Abdiel Janulgue abdiel.janulgue at linux.intel.com
Thu Jan 17 07:48:54 PST 2013

Changes since v4:

* Drop texture 3D support for now (until we test it with piglit).
  I plan to add it incrementally as soon as piglit tests for it are done.
* Drop useless errors warnings and report proper EGL errors.
* Expose intel_miptree_create_internal as intel_miptree_create_layout
* Simplify DRIImage interface to miptree-levels by only accounting dimensions and the offsets
* Various fixes from Eric's suggestions.

Series lives on git at gitorious.org:mesa3d/mesa.git KHR_gl_image5 branch

- Abdiel

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