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> Hello,
> this is sort of cleaned up report of bug #37637.
> To quickly summarize what happens there: Build r600g with the llvm compiler
> backend and try starting ut2003. Segfault happens since apparantly ut's
> engine has a version of libstdc++ built in, which now clashes with the
> libstdc++ shared lib which either r600_dri.so or LLVM (when build as shared)
> loads. This is independent of preloading order. When the symbols from the
> system libstdc++ take preference, then the game engine crashes. When the
> game engine symbols take preference, the r600g driver initialization crashes.
> The fix for the problem: Since we can't modify the ut2003 binary, we have to
> hide the "duplicate" symbols somehow.
> This means:
> - build r600g with static llvm
> - build r600 with static libstdc++
> What I'm struggling with is properly telling autotools to build a shared lib with static libstdc++. The gcc manpage mentions an option called "-static-libstdc++", but it doesn't seem to have any effect.

AFAIK, -static-libstdc++ allows one to statically link libstdc++ to an
_executable_, not to a dynamic library (as it lacks -fPIC).

I see two ways of achieving this:
- have our own custom build of libstdc++ where we build a static library of
libstdc++.a with -fPIC.
- statically link (w/ -Bsymbolic) against stubs of libstdc++ symbols, where
each stub does dlsym(dlopen('/usr/lib32/libstdc++.so.6', RTLD_LOCAL), "foo")

FWIW, either seem a lot of work just for sake of an old binary-only game.

The ideal would be for UT to rely on distro's libstdc++ instead of its own

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