[Mesa-dev] [Bug 59877] Build fail since r600g: Don't build llvm_wrapper.cpp when we aren't using LLVM

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Mon Jan 28 13:41:57 PST 2013


--- Comment #9 from Tom Stellard <tstellar at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to comment #8)
> Created attachment 73796 [details] [review]
> v2: Right attempt to fix it on current master
> It shouldn't fail because of:
> [...]
> endif
> AM_CFLAGS += \
>         -I$(top_srcdir)/src/gallium/drivers/radeon/ \
>         $(LLVM_CFLAGS) \
>         -DR600_USE_LLVM
> endif
> So the compiler should find radeon_llvm.h on configure
> --enable-r600-llvm-compiler without --enable-opencl.
> I moved $(LLVM_CFLAGS). So the compiler should also find
> $(LLVM_INCLUDEDIR)/llvm-c/Core.h.
> On this version I also changed configure.ac to set USE_R600_LLVM_COMPILER
> also for --enable-opencl without --enable-r600-llvm-compiler to reflect the
> dependency (if) here.
> @Tom: You as developer should know it is hard to fix things if you cannot
> reproduce issues and people don't tell what happened ...
> Because it has not been fixed the right way (maybe only my opinion) the
> discussion should be where the bug was reported. (I hate jumping between
> various places to get information for one topic/issue ...)

The updated version of this patch still fails with --enable-r600-llvm-compiler
without --enable-opencl

gmake[3]: Entering directory
  CC     egl.lo
  CC     egl_st.lo
  CC     egl_pipe.lo
  CXXLD  egl_gallium.la
../../../../src/gallium/drivers/r600/.libs/libr600.a(r600_shader.o): In
function `r600_shader_from_tgsi':
/home/tstellar/mesa/src/gallium/drivers/r600/r600_shader.c:1424: undefined
reference to `r600_tgsi_llvm'
/home/tstellar/mesa/src/gallium/drivers/r600/r600_shader.c:1428: undefined
reference to `r600_llvm_compile'

Also --enable-opencl should not set USE_R600_LLVM_COMPILER, because it has to
be possible to build opencl without forcing the graphics driver to use the LLVM

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