[Mesa-dev] [Bug 60048] New: [softpipe] piglit glean readPixSanity regression

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Tue Jan 29 17:08:41 PST 2013


          Priority: medium
            Bug ID: 60048
          Keywords: regression
                CC: maraeo at gmail.com
          Assignee: mesa-dev at lists.freedesktop.org
           Summary: [softpipe] piglit glean readPixSanity regression
          Severity: normal
    Classification: Unclassified
                OS: Linux (All)
          Reporter: vlee at freedesktop.org
          Hardware: x86-64 (AMD64)
            Status: NEW
           Version: git
         Component: Mesa core
           Product: Mesa

mesa: 02b6da1e87ddf333a71b37234c356b3f3f7f58be (master)

$ ./bin/glean -t readPixSanity --quick
Mesa warning: failed to remap glClampColorARB
Mesa warning: failed to remap glTexBufferARB
Mesa warning: failed to remap glFramebufferTextureARB
Mesa warning: failed to remap glVertexAttribDivisorARB
Mesa warning: failed to remap glProgramParameteriARB
readPixSanity:  FAIL rgba8, db, z24, s8, win+pmap, id 33
        Depth worst-case error was 7.23717 bits at (2, 31)
                expected 0.10967; got 0.109679.
        Stencil expected 38; got 0.

cabe4fbb852f3c335937e3576db85d0143cb6c12 is the first bad commit
commit cabe4fbb852f3c335937e3576db85d0143cb6c12
Author: Marek Olšák <maraeo at gmail.com>
Date:   Mon Jan 14 06:57:28 2013 +0100

    st/mesa: always assume separate depth and stencil clear is supported

    All drivers implement it now.

    Reviewed-by: Brian Paul <brianp at vmware.com>

:040000 040000 dcfc8a78bba351a39a856c95d9ad3cf64021f552
6cd989d9615cbe17dda7c0b46891dcb309579df2 M      src
bisect run success

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