[Mesa-dev] Regading OpenGLES2 on Linux

Michel Dänzer michel at daenzer.net
Thu Jan 31 06:37:43 PST 2013

On Don, 2013-01-31 at 14:01 +0000, Ramesh Reddy Emmadi wrote: 
> Got the error1 while compiling mesa-8.0.4 with the following
> configuration options and  commented the "_mesa_BindBufferBase"
> function in  src/mesa/main/bufferobj.c file. After this change able to
> compile the code successfully, but while make install got one more
> error(error2).

Does --disable-glx help for the second error?

> Can you please let us know, is there any thing wrong in the
> configuration

Can't see anything wrong with it.

> and also any changes required for code to compile with --enable-gles2
> only (without opengl and opengles1).

All I can say is that I didn't hit your first error with current Git. I
assume it would be the same on the 9.1 branch. It should be possible to
isolate how it was fixed, e.g. with git bisect, and it might be possible
to backport the fix to the 8.0 branch.

> if opengles2 only work without opengl and openles2, we want to know
> whether  mesa-demos opengles2 folder will compile without any issues?
> or any code changes required to compile the es2 demos? for X11.

None of this should matter for the compilation of the demos.

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