[Mesa-dev] [PATCH v2 00/12] i965/gen7+: Implement fast color clears.

Paul Berry stereotype441 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 4 17:01:03 PDT 2013

Changes since the previous version:

- Because of objections, I've dropped the patch "intel: Create
  intel_miptree_get_region() to prepare for fast color clear."
  Instead of using an accessor function to ensure that appropriate
  resolves are performed before any access to
  intel_mipmap_tree::region, I've simply placed the resolves at the
  points where they are needed, as we do for HiZ.

- Rebased on top of Eric's intel_miptree_blit code--this reduced the
  number of places where resolves had to be performed.

- Added a perf_debug message if the client tries to clear to a color
  that isn't compatible with the fast color clear mechanism.

- Ensured that BRW_NEW_SURFACES is flagged when a fast clear occurs,
  so that the MCS buffer pointer and the fast clear color will be
  properly delievered next time the surface is used.

- Fixed some build warnings.

- Added patch 01/12, which avoids a corner case bug that was present
  in the previous series.

This series is avaiable on branch "fast-color-clear-3" of

[PATCH v2 01/12] intel: Keep region name in intel_miptree_create_for_dri2_buffer().
[PATCH v2 02/12] intel: Conditionally compile mcs-related code for i965 only.
[PATCH v2 03/12] i965/gen7+: Create an enum for keeping track of fast color clear state.
[PATCH v2 04/12] i965/gen7+: Set up MCS in SURFACE_STATE whenever MCS is present.
[PATCH v2 05/12] i965/gen7+: Create helper functions for single-sample MCS buffers.
[PATCH v2 06/12] i965/gen7+: Implement fast color clear operation in BLORP.
[PATCH v2 07/12] i965/blorp: Expand clear class hierarchy to prepare for RT resolves.
[PATCH v2 08/12] i965/blorp: Write blorp code to do render target resolves.
[PATCH v2 09/12] i965/gen7+: Ensure that front/back buffers are fast-clear resolved.
[PATCH v2 10/12] i965/gen7+: Resolve color buffers when necessary.
[PATCH v2 11/12] i965/gen7+: Disable fast color clears on shared regions.
[PATCH v2 12/12] i965/gen7: Enable support for fast color clears.

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