[Mesa-dev] New Device Driver Help‏

Brian Paul brianp at vmware.com
Fri Jun 21 06:54:30 PDT 2013

On 06/20/2013 06:58 PM, Li Andy wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> My name is Andy. I am a university student from Canada.
> I am currently working on a project which I am trying to port the mesa
> library to another device. (the Altera DE2)
> I am wondering if anyone can give me some suggestions to get started.
> Any information would be great! My email address is lilapkiu at gmail.com
> <mailto:lilapkiu at gmail.com> / lilapkiu at hotmail.com
> Thank you for your time.

Normally, if someone wanted to write a new driver for a GPU you'd write 
a gallium driver (plus associated winsys code and kernel module).

AFAICT, the Altera DE2 doesn't have a GPU but an FPGA.  Do you want to 
program the FPGA for 3D rendering?  That would be a fun project but a 
big one.  I doubt you'd be able to implement everything needed for a 
full Gallium driver (shaders, texture mapping, etc).

What is your end goal?  Some version of OpenGL or OpenGL ES, or ??


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