[Mesa-dev] forking shared intel directory?

Eric Anholt eric at anholt.net
Fri Jun 21 11:29:48 PDT 2013

Long ago, when porting FBO and memory management support to i965, I
merged a bunch of code between the i915 and i965 drivers and put it in
the intel directory.  I think it served us well for a long time, as both
drivers got improvements from shared work on that code.  But since then,
we've talked several times about splitting things back apart (since we
break i915 much more often than we improve it), so I spent yesterday and
today looking at what the impact would be.

LOC counts (wc -l):

            intel/     i915/       i965/         total
master:     14751      13458       61109         89318
fork-i915:  0          24322       74978         99300

We duplicate ~10000 lines of code, but i915 drops ~4000 lines of code
From its build and i965 drops ~1000.

context size:
               i915        i965
master:        99512       101456
fork-i915:     99384       100824

There's a bunch of cleanup I haven't done in the branch, like moving
brw_vtbl.c contents to sensible places, or nuking the intel vs brw split
that doesn't make any sense any more.

I'm ambivalent about the change.  If the code growth from splitting was
<7000 lines or so, I'd be happy, but this feels pretty big.  On the
other hand, the cleanups feel good to me.  I don't know how other
developers feel.  There's a branch up at fork-i915 of my tree.  If
people are excited about doing this and I get a bunch of acks for the
two "copy the code to my directory" commits, I'll do those two then
start sending out the non-copying changes for review.  If people don't
like it, I won't be hurt.
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