[Mesa-dev] Mesa 9.1.1 picks

Ian Romanick idr at freedesktop.org
Tue Mar 5 15:26:02 PST 2013

I've just cherry-picked almost everything from master that was marked. 
I had to modify the get-pick-list script to catch a couple commits that 
had ill-formed notes.

I didn't pick this commit because there were conflicts, and I was lazy. :)

c77917d35fdf64d9f194fbecc4748213621eefc8 r600g: pad the DMA CS to a 
multiple of 8 dwords

These commits are all from this week.  I'd like to let them sit on 
master for at least a couple days before picking them over.  I will 
probably get at least these ones on Friday.

b1390c7992c457f230cb5a7a64803b194de316e0 mesa: flush current state when 
querying GL_EDGE_FLAG
196443f3f5b43d26895043701ea0cdabfaa78210 Add missing GL_TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP 
entry in _mesa_legal_texture_dimensions
35189d768bf80fdedbb6e70f49215cc8b734f343 configure.ac: Don't check for 
X11 unconditionally.
523b07e32060f11cee6bb2c8a9b9477c85fe1e9a configure.ac: Remove stale 
comment about --x-* arguments.
f4ebcd133b9c952fc57ce6d5df8bce8e2282d868 dri/nouveau: NV17_3D class is 
not available for NV1a chipset

I'd like to do a 9.1.1 release next week.  Friday, 3/15, sounds like a 
good day to me.  Does that work for other folks?

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