[Mesa-dev] [Bug 61907] Indirect rendering of multi-texture vertex arrays broken

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--- Comment #1 from Colin McDonald <cjmmail10-bz at yahoo.co.uk> ---
I've realised that I was so focused on describing my code changes that
I omitted to adequately describe the problem symptoms, other than to say
that multi-texturing is "broken". 

OpenSceneGraph makes extensive use off glDrawArrays and glDrawElements.
Arrays of texture coordinates are set-up using glTexCoordPointer, for
the active texture unit selected with glClientActiveTexture. For texture
units > 0, indirect rendering to a remote display results in those
texture coordinates being either ignored, or corrupting the output of
the unit 0 texture. This is because of the __glXInitVertexArrayState
initialisation problem, which fails to get GL_MAX_TEXTURE_UNITS, and
consequently rejects all texture units > 0. 

The incorrect op codes and the wrong output order for double texture
coords have the potential to cause protocol errors and/or crash the
remote display server, but we don't actually get that because of
multi-texture output being ignored due to the first problem. It is only
when the first problem is fixed that the others become apparent.

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