[Mesa-dev] [Bug 58718] Crash in src_register() during glClear() call

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Thu Mar 7 11:16:27 PST 2013


--- Comment #1 from Keith Kriewall <keith.kriewall at attachmate.com> ---
I've run into this with Mesa 9.0.2 and LLVM 3.2.  It appears that the bitfields
in the prog_src_register struct (/src/mesa/program/prog_instruction.h) do not
translate correctly to the src_register() parameter types.  A workaround is to
remove the bitfield (:<size>) specifications in the prog_src_register struct.

In translate_src(), the following call ..

   struct ureg_src src = src_register( t, SrcReg->File, SrcReg->Index );

.. with the following data ..

   t       0x0458d958 {ureg=0x03c51258 temps=0x0458d95c constants=0x03c5c3a8
...} st_translate *
   SrcReg  0x03c597bc {File=0x00000001 Index=0x00000400 Swizzle=0x00000249 ...}
const prog_src_register *
      File  0x00000001    unsigned int
      Index 0x00000400    int

.. results in the following parameters to src_register():

>	opengl32.dll!src_register(st_translate * t=0x0458d958, gl_register_file file=0x03c7dd54, int index=0xf78cdac8)  Line 227 + 0x11 bytes	C

You can see that 't' is passed correctly, but the bitfields for SrcReg->File
and SrcReg->Index have not.

I tried compiling LLVM and Mesa with all optimizations turned off, with no
change.  (The debug build does not fail in this way, only the release build.)

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