[Mesa-dev] glxgears is faster but 3D render is so slow

jupiter jupiter.hce at gmail.com
Fri Mar 8 20:01:59 PST 2013

Hi Brian,

Sorry I spoke too earlier. I have double checked, there was a gallium
in build directory, but when I ran "make install" the system seems
copied the gallium/libGL.so.1.5.0 to the installation directory
mesa/lib//libGL.so.1.5.0, and the symblic link libGL.so ->

I think it is fine. The only thing I see differences when I compare
glxinfo from mesa DRI and mesa xlib are buffer size and depth buffer
size. In mesa DRI the buffer size is 32, depth buffer size is 24, but
in mesa xlib driver the buffer size is 24 and depth buffer size is 16.
Will this impacts the 3D in xlib driver? How can configure mesa to get
32 buffer size and 24 depth size for xlib driver?

Please see following my configuration:

${SOURCE}/${CONFIGURE} --prefix=${INSTALL} --enable-xlib-glx
--disable-dri --enable-gallium-llvm --with-llvm-shared-libs

Thank you.

Kind regards.


On 3/9/13, Brian Paul <brianp at vmware.com> wrote:
> On 03/08/2013 02:22 PM, jupiter wrote:
>> Hi Brian,
>>> Make sure you're using the libGL.so found in mesa/lib/gallium/
>> There is no gallium in my mesalib/lib. What could be wrong here?
> Hmm, not sure.  Did you do 'make clean' before you configured Mesa?

I actually double checked, the
> Maybe post your config.log file.
> -Brian

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