[Mesa-dev] OSMesa VTK

Kevin H. Hobbs hobbsk at ohio.edu
Wed Mar 13 11:08:36 PDT 2013

On 03/13/2013 10:40 AM, Brian Paul wrote:
> Can you tell me what the parameters are for your OSMesaCreateContext() 
> and OSMesaMakeCurrent() calls (in particular the image format/type)?

I do not know. I'll do some digging into the VTK source and ask on the
VTK list.

> You could also try setting GALLIUM_DRIVER=softpipe and see if the 
> softpipe driver works.

The test still fails, however it fails differently, instead of a black
image I get a strip of colored snow at the top of the output image...

How about I just show you?

The output (boring black image) of last night's VTK LoadOpenGLExtension
test which used llvmpipe is here :


The output of:

$ env GALLIUM_DRIVER=softpipe \
  /home/kevin/kitware/VTK_OSMesa_Build/bin/vtkRenderingOpenGLCxxTests \
  "LoadOpenGLExtension" "-D" "/home/kevin/kitware/VTKData" \
  "-T" "/home/kevin/kitware/VTK_OSMesa_Build/Testing/Temporary" \
  "-V" "Baseline/Rendering/LoadOpenGLExtension.png"

is here :


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