[Mesa-dev] Google Summer of Code ideas needed

Vincent Lejeune vljn at ovi.com
Fri Mar 15 08:14:48 PDT 2013


If LLVM backend development is allowed, maybe a student could work on improving VLIW5 scheduling for R600 hardware.
So far I focused on VLIW4 architecture, but extending the scheduler to support Trans ALU wouldn't be too hard.
This would require a way to represent Trans slot compatibility for instruction in R600Instructions.td, check for 

additionnal constants read/literals limitation on this slot, and modifying a couple of functions inside R600MachineScheduler.cpp.
This may look like a short task but the student would also need some time to get used to all the tools we use, like piglit, and to 

understand llvm codebase.

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> Objet : [Mesa-dev] Google Summer of Code ideas needed
> Hi,
> It's time again for Google Summer of Code, so we need to start updating
> the X.Org ideas page (http://www.x.org/wiki/SummerOfCodeIdeas) with new
> ideas.  Since there have been a few issues with the wikis lately, if you
> have any ideas please respond to this thread, and I will make sure they
> get onto the official ideas page (but still feel free to update the wiki
> page yourself if you can).  A good project description should contain:
> - A brief description of the project
> - A difficulty rating (e.g. easy, medium, hard)
> - The skills / programming languages required
> Also, I am going to purge all the old ideas from the ideas page in the
> next week, so if there are any of the old ideas that you think are
> still relevant, let me know and I will keep it.
> The ideas page is used as one of the criteria by Google for selecting
> mentoring organizations and part of the reason X.Org was not selected
> last year was that the ideas page was not up to par, so if we want to
> participate in Google Summer of Code this year, it is important we
> have a good ideas page with lots of ideas.
> Thanks,
> Tom Stellard
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