[Mesa-dev] OpenGL ES 3.0 support

violin yanev violin.yanev at gmail.com
Mon Mar 25 09:41:07 PDT 2013


I was eager to try the OpenGL ES 3.0 support on the newest Mesa 9.1.

I installed the latest Fedora Rawhide on my Sandy Bridge. I think the
graphics chip is HD 2000, lspci says I have a Xeon E3-1200 V2/3rd gen
processor. glxinfo states that I have Mesa 9.1, and lsmod lists i915 as my
VGA driver, so it seems that the setup is right. I wrote a simple EGL
program (used the opengles2 example as basis) and tried to create am OpenGL
ES3 context. I tried two methods:

1) Giving a value of 3 in the API version eglChooseConfig
This had the result that no matching configs were found.
2) Supplying the EGL_OPENGL_ES3_BIT_KHR flag in eglCreateContext (the
extension is present). This didn't work either (eglCreateContext returns an

I am probably doing it the wrong way, but I didn't find any information on
the internet on how to try the ES3.0 support (I checked the mesa-users
mailing list, the mesa news, the intel linux drivers webpage, and even
searched the commit history of mesa...). I would really appreciate some
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